Stoichiometric Relationship Course IB SL

This topic mainly deals with calculations involving reactants & products in a given chemical reaction. One of the most important concepts in the chemistry, “mole concept” is introduced in this topic along with the calculations involving it. We also deal with important gas laws as well as calculations for concentration of the solutions.

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This is one of the most fundamental but very important topics of the entire chemistry as it helps us to deal with calculations of reactants & products in the given reaction. We also learn how to balance the chemical reactions along with simple techniques for balancing combustion reactions for hydrocarbons. We are introduced to the extremely important mole concept which is the backbone of the calculations involving chemical reactions. We learn how to determine empirical formula & molecular formula based on the given data. We also deal with interesting concepts of limiting & excess reagents along with the calculations. After dealing with the solids & liquids, we move on to important gas laws such as Boyle’s law, Charles law and get introduced to the very important concept of absolute temperature along with the Kelvin scale. Last but not the least, we learn how to determine concentration of the given solution along with the calculations of molarity. Unquestionably, this topic forms a core for all the branches of chemistry such as physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry etc& hence it becomes very important to grasp the concepts thoroughly.

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